For the last 15 years, dreieins has been renowned for its creative and meritocratic approach in the field of day care centers and primary schools. Our day care centers strive to stimulate creativity by cultivating the talent, intelligence and individual personality traits of each child. We believe in providing our children with the best education, care, nutrition and a 360-degree development. We wholeheartedly believe that every child is gifted and uniquely talented and recognize it as our responsibility to identify, understand and foster those abilities. Our educators nurture and support the children through distinctive methods of learning with love and creativity. Every child is welcomed with open arms and treated equally. We believe in inclusion & integration. Hence, all our nurseries blend with different cultures and respect every family’s values. Information on our day care center:

  • Children between the age of one and six are accepted
  • The division of the groups is based upon age
  • The day care center is open from from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays
  • Spacious rooms and a wide, open corridor
  • Our Education Center prepares children for a smooth transition from day care to primary school.

Idea and Concept

We follow the curriculum of the Berlin Educational Program and, in addition to that, we also have our own dreieins educational program. So, a child gets the best of both worlds. We offer age-specific activities to the children fulfilling their individual needs and requirements. The central goal of our work is to empower children to be independent. Our education structure is designed to build and strengthen the confidence and expertise of the children. Multifarious opportunities and comprehensive offerings are created with which we:

  • Profusely stimulate all their senses and perceptions
  • Encourage the children to get involved and be proactive
  • Develop their thinking and imaginative abilities
  • Boost their self-reliance and self-sufficiency

With regards to the implementation of our concept, we orient ourselves upon the following core points:

  • Amalgamating early childhood education according to the Berlin Educational Program and dreieins creativity education
  • A steady, continuous and well-structured daily routine that is easy to grasp for all children along with a midday rest period
  • Space for the development and fostering of talents, intelligence and character
  • Incentives to encourage discovery, exploration and experimentation
  • Raising awareness of the environment, sustainability and giving back to the society
  • Collaborative interaction with the families of the children

Our team of international pedagogues with the additional qualification in Creativity Education will organize the daily routine in two languages: German and English. Our carefully thought-out structure provides children with a strong base for learning and growing. Optimal language acquisition will be ensured by the immersion method: each group will have one German and one English-speaking educator for the care and development of the children. Music and fun activities will be an integral part of the daily routine. We envisage celebrating festivities from various cultures as well as integrating the stories, traditions and ideas that each child and pedagogue may bring with them to inspire us all. Every group will have a balanced combination of bilingualism and creative activities. e.g., conducting the morning circle ritual with songs in German and English as well as the other native languages from the diverse group of children and pedagogues.

Creativity offers

Our objectives are achieved by combining all fields of the Berlin Educational Program with our creativity education in age-appropriate and child-oriented offers within the following areas:

  • The creativity offers are designed distinctively in consideration of the age of the respective groups.
  • Our focus during the first years lies in individually supporting the child’s first steps into our world
  • Depending on the given situation and the needs and requirements of children, our pedagogues will decide when and how to carry out various offers
  • For our older children, the creativity offers are structured as a permanent, integral feature in their daily routine and weekly schedule
  • We encourage each child to participate in our well-curated activities
  • The duration of the activities depends on the age of the various groups