Registering your child for the Kaulsdorf bilingual day care center

Thank you for your interest in our day care center. We look forward to welcoming you and your child. If you wish to register your child for our day care center, please complete our application form below. You will then receive an email from us confirming receipt of your registration and informing you about the further registration process.

Parental contributions

Since August 1, 2018, attending day care centers in Berlin has been free of charge for all children.

Parents continue to have to pay a contribution of EUR 23.00 per month for lunches. dreieins offers the following extra services for which we charge the contributions listed below: full board including breakfast,  afternoon snacks and fruit as well as additional educational services as a part of our creativity education concept taught by teams of English and German native speakers in a bilingual context.

All materials and investments required in these fields will be covered by the supplementary contribution. The use of these funds is documented and can be reviewed upon request.

Monthly contributions for:

Child care (in accordance with the cost contribution by the youth welfare office) 0,00 €
Lunch (in accordance with the cost contribution by the youth welfare office) 23,00 €
Parental contribution for additional educational services and full board: bilingual concept with 9 creativity fields; breakfast, afternoon snacks and fruit 90,00 €

 Day care voucher

Parents enter into a contract with us, or rather the institution running our day care center, about care for their child. For us to conclude this contract, the parents must apply for a day care voucher (“Kitagutschein”) from the responsible youth welfare office. You can find the appropriate form as well as other helpful documentation on the right-hand side in the “Download Kitagutschein” section

Please note that the youth welfare office might take some time to process your application. You can submit your application as early as nine months prior to the desired start of care. The application must be submitted no later than two months prior. The voucher will remain valid for up to 16 weeks after the requested start of care.

Application Form

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