For the last 15 years, the dreieins Innovative Pädagogik gGmbH has been renowned for its creative and meritocratic approach in the field of kindergarten and primary schools. We strongly believe that each child is talented and gifted in some way. We nurture and support this talent in our children through our distinctive methods of learning creatively.

Dreieins is now establishing the first-ever Bilingual (D/E) pre-school and kindergarten in Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin. The building is underway and we expect our first Kita children to walk through its new doors in October 2020.

The new Kita is a new, state-of-the-art building with high-quality equipment. The daycare centre is not only surrounded by a spacious outdoor area but also provide top-notch infrastructure.

The daycare centre is located in Berlin Kaulsdorf and is optimally connected to the centre of Berlin by the U5 underground line.

Bilingual Kita Kaulsdorf (D/E)

Peter-Huchel-Straße 35
12619 Berlin

Tel.: 030 4211281
Fax: 030 42851403


Project Management: Poonam Sanghvi

Please send applications to: